Gear – What I like, and why.

It’s been years since I’ve updated this page.  I still have the Expobar and Mazzer Mini at home, as well as a syphon and pour over.  My collection of tampers now includes a couple of Reg Barbers (ripple & “C Curve”), and my everyday tamper is now a self levelling tamper (designed in Melbourne).  As much as I can appreciate many aspects of La Marzocco machines, I’m not the fan boy I used to be.  I’ll be updating soon.  In the meantime, I’ve left the page intact (emabarrising as it may be).


Equipment I use in the workplace and at home.

When I managed Headquarters Cafe I used a 3 group AV La Marzocco FB-80, Mazzer Robur, Mazzer Mini (for decaf) and an Espro tamper.

You can read my review on the FB80 on my review page, and soon (hopefully) on Coffeegeek.Com.

At Michel’s, most stores use the Azkoyen “Vienna” espresso machine, and the “Capriccio” grinder.

At home I use an Expobar EB-61. You can read my review on the Expobar EB-61 at


My grinder at home is a Mazzer Mini.

My tamper is made by Greg Pullman. My favourite is the long jarrah handle with a flat 58.00mm base. I also have a short redgum handle with a flat, piston fit (La Marzocco basket) as well as a 3.5mm convex base (what was I thinking???).

3 thoughts on “Gear – What I like, and why.

  1. I recently bought an Expovar Office Leva. This is my first experience with a HX machine. My previous one was a Gaggia Coffee (single boiler).
    I’ve read your Expovar Leva review in CG and I can tell you that it has very useful. After reading your article, I thought that that having a little more money I would have bought a double boiler !!.
    I get only bitter or sour shots.
    Anyway, thank you for your contribution to novice (and ignorant) people like me.


    • Alonso,
      Although I’m glad you found my review useful, I’m sorry to hear that you’re only getting bitter or sour shots.
      Have you checked the temperature of the brew water at the group?
      Are you waiting 45-60 minutes after switching the machine on, before pulling your first shot?
      Let me know how you go.


  2. Hello!
    Good read! You mentioned the Azkoyen Vienna and I cam across an ad regarding this but the internet doesn’t provide too much information. Would you know more about this machine? Or maybe a website you know of that details this.
    Thanks! 🙂

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