Who – What – How

Been in coffee since 1999, and a Barista Trainer since 2008.

I love most things coffee, but especially espresso.  Also dig  music, cycles, photography, hockey & cats (and the occasional political rant).

I’ve worked in banking, music and hospitality.  Also owned a taxi business.

My ancient posts are still  here in the Archive to show how my opinions have changed……. (what was I thinking???).

5 thoughts on “Who – What – How

  1. Simon,

    I have contacted La Marzocco and already left a message on your private mail at http://www.toomuchcoffee.com. They suggest to go to Estate Coffee or the Coffee Collective. I will pm you thru TMC the mail, becuase I do not have yor adress. Henk Langkemper of ESW is also trying to help you after I emailed your request.

    Wish you and your African barista’s all their luck in Copenhagen and please drop me an email if I can further assist.

    Best regards,


  2. Hey there Simon and Ysolde!! Hope you are enjoying your break in Europe! Will email you properly soon! But just spotted this link whilst looking for the coffee videos of Stephen Morrissey and thought I’d say Hi. Nice to have met you both in Copenhagen. We might be doing the European SCAE next year in Cologne.. 🙂

  3. Dear Simon, William Douglas Lane-Nichols attended Emanuel School in Battersea for one year between 1901-1902. We have a current Emanuel parent who is also the great nephew of William. Please would you contact me via the contact page on my blog Emanuel School at War. We only found out today that William was an Old Emanuel. We have an exhibition and book coming out in November 2014 and I would be very interested in receiving anything you may have about William’s life. Kind regards and I look forward to hearing from you. Daniel.

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