Mother’s Day @ The Maling Room

Ysolde, mum & I met up with friends at The Maling Room for lunch today.  Despite the workload of Mother’s Day service, Kirby & Andreas pumped out stellar coffees all afternoon – tasty & great art!  I had dropped in on Friday morning, when Andrew quickly brewed a french press of some Aricha from Seven Seeds.  Wow!  Wild strawberry sweetness.  However, it didn’t really work as spro, but not to worry, the house blend was rocking!

They have a couple of Robur-Es on the bench (on loan) at the moment.  They usually rotate through 2 Roburs during service, because they run hot.  The Robur-E doesn’t overheat, so they only needed one.  Cool! (literally.)

For those of you who haven’t heard, Kirby won the Pura Latte Art Comp. last weekend at Cafe Biz.  Another feather in the cap of the 2009 Australian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion.

Click for pix.

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