Coffee Jazz

I love improvisation in music.  It’s not something that comes easily to me, and I don’t spend much time playing these days.  Improvisation is one of those things were I need to get “In the Zone”, and when I’m there it’s a magical experience.  But it’s a case of making time to play, and coffee has been all consuming for some time now.  Not that being consumed by coffee is a bad thing – far from it!  I’ve just been feeling the urge to crank up the bass again, and instead of drooling over a Robur-E, my ears yearn for a Hartke VX410.  But that’s another story.  Back to I recently saw some great coffee improvisation at Celebrate The Bean.  At the Coffee Snobs tent, someone was roasting coffee using a heat gun mounted over a bread maker (purchased from an op shop).  A thermocouple was mounted through a hole in the plastic casing of the bread maker, and hooked up to a lap top running some temperature logging freeware (from Coffee Snobs I think).  Brilliant improvisation!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Jazz

  1. Ah, what you need to do is mount heat guns behind the aluminium drivers on the Hartke box, put it on its back, and roast 4×10″ cones of green beans at once! Plug in your bass and start playing, and the vibrations will flip the beans around for even coverage!
    I knew there must have been a good reason why they have aluminium drivers.

  2. Hi Simon,
    I just stumbled on this and thought I should post the location of the software. The thread on CoffeeSnobs that talks about it (and contains the latest info) is:

    The USB Roast Monitor software and the updates are free and we sell the USB meter for $99 including a $2 FairCrack donation.

    Of course the site is full of weird and wonderful roasting devices too.

    See you around the traps I’m sure,


  3. Hi Simon, I’ve been roasting on my “Corretto” bm/hg for a while now, just clocked up my 220th 600g roast and still going strong.
    My house has the aroma of roasting coffee beans billowing from the garage/roastery several times a week.
    cheers CS member greenman

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