Sightseeing & Cafes in Copenhagen.








I’ve finally finished uploading our Copenhagen photos onto Flickr.  I’ve still got to load photos from the rest of our trip, but I’ll post on Copenhagen in the meantime.

Apart from the WBC, we spent most of our time wandering the wonderful sights of Copenhagen.  It’s a great city to get around, with incredibly regular bus & train services throughout the day.  We purchased a 3 day Copenhagen Card, so we had unlimited transport and access to all of the most popular sites.  Our favourites were Rosenborg Castle; The Round Tower; the impressive Gefion Fountain; the original foundations of Absalom’s Fortress underneath Christiansborg Palace; the stunning Baroque Vor Frelsers Kirke; and just walking around the city centre.  Copenhagen’s architecture is beautiful.  There are no high rise buildings, and all of the buildings compliment one another, both in structural design and colour.  Even the ultra modern Opera House seems to fit in.

Because it was mid Summer, the days were long.  We had bright sunlight from 5am until 8pm, and the sun didn’t set until after 10pm – great for sightseeing and photography.  We were staying in the city on Vesterbrogade, so we were close to the WBC venue and just about everything in the city.  Most importantly, we were close to Estate Coffee.  The coffee was great.  Excellent espresso with lovely fruit flavours and balanced acidity.  Lattes were impressive too, and all coffees are served with a piece of Valhrona chocolate.  The Baristas are impressive to watch – Incredibly consistent, and highly skilled.  The food was great too (my mouth waters at the thought of their salmon roll – YUM!).  We also visited The Coffee Collective, but that was a bus ride out to the North of the city.  The coffee is great there too, as the espresso was so beautifully sweet and balanced.  Klaus introduced me to the Shakerato (espresso, sugar syrup and ice, shaken in a cocktail shaker), for which I’m eternally grateful – Summer coffees will never be the same!  Klaus, Casper & Linus were wonderful hosts, with so many Baristas visiting their cafe.  I can’t believe they fitted so many people in and still managed to roast, brew and socialise.  I also spent time at Risteriet with David Makin.  Risteriet have a FB80, and generously allowed David to do some preparation for the WBC.  They also have a great range of espresso machines, and all the kit you need to make great espresso at home.  The staff are great, and so is the coffee!

The coffee in Copenhagen really is great, and different from the coffee I’m used to drinking in Melbourne.  Melbourne coffee is typically more “Chocolate”, with a bold, gutsy presence.  In Copenhagen, it was more “Fruit”, with more “Caramel” than “Chocolate”, and a refined sweetness that I think is more appealing to a wider audience.  I still love my Melbourne coffee, but I’d love to see the “Scandinavian” style more readily available here.  I would also love to taste the same Copenhagen coffees through a HX machine.  All of the above cafes use a La Marzocco GB5/FB80, and I’d love to see how the flavours develop in HX extraction.

I’ll post on London soon.

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