More cupping at Brother Baba Budan

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day!  I can’t help myself after my visit to BBB today.

I dropped in at First Pour and caught up with Luca Costanzo.  I was going to go onto Andrew Kelly’s (relatively) new cafe The Auction Rooms in Errol St North Melbourne.  But Luca was going to Brother Baba Budan for the Saturday Cupping, and he was armed with some George Howell (Terroir) coffees.  Hmmm, The Auction Rooms can wait.

Emanuele Muratore from Perth was at BBB (amongst a few others), and Mark at BBB prepared 8 coffees for us to cup:  BC espresso blend; an El Salvador natural and an El Salvador wet; Terroirs’s Costa Rican “La Minita Estate” and Kenyan “Mamuto”; a Sumatran Kuda Mas; and an Indian (not sure??).

Well I’ll cut to the chase!  The Kenyan Mamuto was STELLAR!  No wonder it scored a 97 at Coffee Review.  I can’t say that my description of the flavours I experienced was the same as those of the Coffee Review, but it was certainly sweetly powerful, with a smooth balanced finish.  But I got blackcurrant aroma with stewed apricot in the cup.  A very tasty coffee!

If you didn’t know already, Mark has regular cuppings at BBB on Saturdays, so check it out.


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