Back from Europe and the WBC in Copenhagen.

WOW!  Ysolde & I arrived back from Europe last Sunday morning.  After Copenhagen, we went to London, Lille (France) and Laze (Slovenija).  I didn’t have convenient internet access in Europe, so I didn’t post during our trip.  Now that it’s 3 weeks after the WBC, I’m sure everyone is over the whole thing.  However, I am loading my photos onto Flickr over the coming weeks (about 8 gig to sort through), and I’ll post my thoughts & stories here between photo sorting.

In brief, Copenhagen is sooooooooo beautiful, and the coffee is great!  In particular, the crews at The Coffee Collective, Estate Coffee and Risteriet.  Not only was their coffee great, but they provided invaluable assistance to Australian Champion David Makin, and many of the other National Champions.

In London, I got a tour of the Monmouth Roastery (thanks to Steve), and had great coffee at Fernandez & Wells, Flat White, Milk Bar and Monmouth.  All these cafes are in Soho & Covent Garden, and all use Monmouth coffee!  I also had a coffee at Nero’s (Victoria Station) for balance, but the less said about that the better ;-).

More soon………

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