Preparations for the 2008 WBC in Copenhagen.



My wife Ysolde and I are going to Copenhagen to watch the 2008 World Barista Championships.  We’re looking forward to seeing a high standard of competition, and of course cheering on the Australian Barista Champion David Makin, Australian Cupping Champion Catherine Ferrari, and the Australian Latte Art Champion Con Haralambopoulos.  I’ve been to a couple of David’s practice run throughs in the last week, and I’ve enjoyed some great coffee (I finally got to taste his signature drink, as I missed out on that in the lead up to the Victorian and Australian Championships – damned competition ;-)).

While we’re there, I’ll be doing a stint on one of the machines, making coffee for the audience.  There’ll be many Baristas volunteering for this role, and all proceeds from the sales of audience coffees will go to a local Danish charity.

If possible, I’ll be blogging from Copenhagen and posting photos on my Flickr page.

I’m also hoping to attend some of the Barista & Roaster workshops at the exhibition during the WBC, but I’ll have to see how they clash with the competition schedule.

We arrive before the Championship starts, so we’ll be heading to the Coffee Collective to taste some fine coffee to get us over our jetlag :-), and hopefully catching up with some of the Baristas I met at the WBC in Tokyo last year.

Drop me an email or post a comment if you’re going to Copenhagen, and you’d like to meet up.


One thought on “Preparations for the 2008 WBC in Copenhagen.

  1. Hi it’s Catherine here ! Mum and I arrived in Copenhagen on Thursday and I can’t believe that this time next week I’ll be competing !!!! It is going to be a fantastic week. The workshops look great and I think Mum has enrolled in a heap of them.
    Good luck David and Con – AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE

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