Bin 549 follow-up.

Unfortunately, I missed out on this gem.  Well, I got to smell and taste a cup that had not been dialled in, but that was as close as I got.  Although it hadn’t been dialled in, it had an exquisite blackberry jam aroma, and great sweetness in the cup (but I can’t remember any specific flavours).  Another batch of 549 has since arrived at Veneziano, but it’s from the new crop which (apparently) is not fit for roasting yet.  I was at Veneziano today, training for next weeks Open Heats of the Australian Barista Championships, and David Seng had some of the new crop roasted for espresso.  I have a cold at the moment, so my nose and palate aren’t great.  The aroma smelt a little enzymatic, but I didn’t get to taste the espressos (those that did were spitting them out REAL quick – it wasn’t great).  David Seng ground some up for French Press, and the aroma changed completely – Much sweeter and fruitier, but the cup tasted charred to me.  I’m told we have to wait a few months before it’s good to roast………. here’s hoping.

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