Mmmmmm…… Mountain Top Bin 549


I was at Veneziano yesterday, and Peter Wolff was cracking open some Bin 549.  Due to the horrible weather (flooding rains), and some other factors, the current crop was severely reduced.  Pete was sample roasting some of the last crop, so when I’m back at Veneziano mid week and next weekend, I’ll “Help” out with some tasting.  If it’s anything like the strawberry sensation I had earlier this year………. woo hoo!  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Mmmmmm…… Mountain Top Bin 549

  1. Where are these green beans from? Why do you call it bin549? I am a home roaster and would really like information about green beans. I also sell to home roasters, that’s why I’m interested.

  2. Jim,
    Bin 549 is a particular lot from the Australian Estate – Mountain Top Coffee ( I tasted this coffee earlier in the year. It was roasted by St. Ali in South Melbourne (, and served at The Maling Room in Canterbury through a Synesso. In the cup, it was so sweet, with a delicious strawberry flavour. It’s a superb coffee, so I’m looking forward to Peter Wolff’s sample roasts. The Bin 35 from Mountain Top is world renowned. Carl Sara (New Zealand Barista Champion) used it in his blend at the WBC in Tokyo last year, and I think Tim Wendleboe used it in his blend at the WBC in 2005 (someone correct me if I’m wrong). The Bin 549 is a late harvest semi-washed coffee, and the Bin 35 is a double-pass processed coffee.


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