My First Coffee Review – PNG Sigri

So this is my first review, and it’s skill I want to develop.

I’ve just ordered a syphon brewer, so I’ll be posting syphon brew opinions in the future too.

I’ve brewed this PNG Sigri as espresso on my EB-61.

Dry Aroma – Whole Bean:  Marzipan/Almond, sweet blossom.

Dry Aroma – Ground:  Stock like

Wet Aroma:  Marzipan/Almond, sweet, fruity.

Palate:  Syrupy, rich, sweetness; fruity; great body.

I’ve read reviews describing some Sigri as being the “Perfect” cup, another JBM.  I love the many facets that this Sigri has, all of them pleasant in my opinion.  Peter Wolff roasted this for me, and I left it for 11 days  (I’ll ask him about the estate specifics when I’m back at First Pour).

When I opened the bag, I got a brief sweet  blossom like bouquet, followed by a nutty aroma with a touch of marzipan/almond.  While I was grinding, it became quite earthy, with a vegetable stock like aroma.

With ristretto type pours (25 secs for 15 – 20 mls), the wet aroma was very sweet, fruity and winey, and it had a rich fruity sweetness across most of the palate and a touch of marzipan/almond along the sides towards the back.  The body was rich and syrupy.  The finish was richly sweet.

With standard pours (25 secs for +/- 25 mls), the wet aroma was less intense in the fruit department and the marzipan/almond weighed in a little more.  The sweetness and body on the palate were less intense, more balanced, but still lovely.  The finish was more bittersweet.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some more of this for my syphon when it arrives.

5 thoughts on “My First Coffee Review – PNG Sigri

  1. Interesting that you found it to be syrupy. Perhaps Pete roasted it a bit darker than usual. It is often said that JBM root stock coffees make for thin espresso, and from what I have heard, Sigri is no exception.

    I hope to read many more great reviews from you in future! And I’m glad that you’re tagging them “coffee review.” Maybe “SO” and “blend” tags will also become useful.



  2. I found the ’06 Sigri crop to have a LOT of grapefruit characteristics.

    Definitely wouldn’t describe it as syrupy.

    Of course, crops change with the seasons, and everyone has a different interpretation at the helm of the roaster.

    Reviewing coffees is tricky sometimes. I enjoy the heck out of it, but there are spots where being objective will offend someone.

    I haven’t done many reviews lately. (just for that reason, actually)

  3. Hi Jason. Great to hear from you again.
    I keep forgetting to get more details from Peter Wolff at Veneziano, about this Sigri. He roasted less than a kilo for me to try, before Christmas. I’m not sure of the particulars (estate, year, grade etc.), and I won’t be seeing him until next week, but I’ll follow it up.
    I’ve been too busy preparing for competition to do much else either. (Signature drinks are all consuming :-P) How are going with competition prep?


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