Clover Tasting at Brother Baba Budan


It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, and what else would you rather do than go to a café and taste a bunch of different coffees?  Mark Dundon graciously supplied some coffees for a “Tasting” at Brother Baba Budan in Little Bouke St Melbourne.  Although Mark couldn’t be there, Justin played host and drove the Clover and Synesso, with a hand from Toshi.

Luca Costanzo and Mark Dundon arranged this tasting opportunity as a means of exposing Melbourne’s budding Baristas to different coffees, and an alternative brewing method (Clover).

There were 10 of us, a mix of Baristas and enthusiasts.  We tasted 6 different coffees through the Clover, and then ran some of the same coffees (and some others) through the Synesso.  The Clover produced lovely brews, and I could drink them all day.  They were delicate compared with espresso, and were really easy on the palate.

We didn’t take notes as a group, but shared our impressions of each coffee amongst the group.  It may not have been a formal cupping session, but it was still great to expose our palates to different coffees.

I took some notes on the coffees we tasted:

Guatemala Finca – Roasted beans had a rich peanut butter aroma.  Once brewed, it had marzipan on the nose, with front palate sweetness and an apple tang on the side palate.

Brazil Guilherme Dias De Castro – Fazenda Pedra Preta CoE – A stock like aroma with balanced sweetness across the palate.

Tanzanian Kilamanjaro – Sensational cumquat marmalade aroma with a tangy rich sweetness on the palate.

Kenya Tembo AA  – Sweet spicy fruit aroma with a mixed spice aftertaste.

Costa Rica (Honey prep.) – The roasted beans had an aroma of cooked tempeh.  In the cup it had no discernable aroma, but had hints of vanilla on the palate.

This has really peaked my interest in other brewing methods.  Espresso is still my brew of choice, as I love the intensity.  However, the delicate, exquisite flavours obtained from Clover and syphon brews are winning me over.

Thanks again to Mark, Justin and Toshi at St Ali/Brother Baba Budan, and Luca.

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