Coffee Chain Challenge – Follow Up

dsc00092.jpgCoffee graveyard form one of our Coffee Chain Challenge practise sessions.I said I’d write some more on the CCC, and I’ve finally gotten around to it.Although the CCC isn’t as technically demanding as the WBC format, it does require preparation. Our team practised our run through many times, and looked at where the points could be won or lost.Understanding the rules of a competition is critical. We didn’t want any unwelcome surprises on competition day, so we made sure we knew the rules inside out.We also had the benefit of David Makin providing feedback in some of our practise sessions. His input was valuable, and I think ultimately made the difference.I also have to say that I was impressed by the performances of the other teams. We had put in alot of practise, while some of the teams had only limited (one or two days) practise for various reasons. Zoe (Michel’s Patisserie) did a fantastic job of preparing her team with only 1 day of practise!I hope that more companies get involved in the coming years, as I think this format is a great way of introducing Baristas to competition, and encouraging skills improvement. Because there’s more emphasis on speed, and less on technique, it’s not as daunting to those who are new to competition. We had an in house competition to select our team, so the incentive was a trip to Adelaide paid for by Coffee HQ. The feedback from our staff was that the in house competition was fun, and it had our staff focussed on improving their coffee skills. That’s got to be good for business!If more companies get involved, then perhaps the sponsors will be able to provide more for the competition (eg. workshops, more publiciity etc.).Anyway, I know our team enjoyed themselves (especially the after party ;-)), and I’m pretty sure the other teams had a great time too. Thanks again to the organisers and sponsors who are really doing their bit to develop our industry.

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