Coffee HQ selects team for the Coffee Chain Challenge

Coffee HQ held an inter-site competition last week to select a team to compete in the Coffee Chain Challenge in Adelaide on October 3, 2007.
Not all working Baristas enjoy the pressure of having to quickly produce quality coffees in front of an audience. However, the staff seemed to enjoy the experience this year, and the standard has improved from last year.
The format of the Coffee HQ competition was similar to the CCC format, and was not so daunting for those inexperienced in Barista competitions.

The Format
In 10 minutes, produce the following:
– 4 x piccolo lattes (4oz)
– 4 x normal latte (8oz)
– 4 x Designer latte (8oz) ANY flavours can be added to the latte to “enhance the flavour, including alcohol.

Points were awarded for the following:
– Taste
– Artistry
– Speed

Points were deducted for the following:
– Too hot/cold (Over 70C/Below 60C)
– Cups not filled completely
– Excess time (over 10 minutes)

Final placings for team selection were:
1st – Erin Sampson, Coffee HQ Flinders St.
2nd – Simon James, Headquarters 367 Collins St.
3rd – Sarah Treby, Headquarters 367 Collins St.
4th – Jess Mc Cord, Coffee HQ Monash Uni Clayton.

This will be the team we take to Adelaide to compete in the Coffee Chain Challenge. We start training this week, and look forward to pushing the competition in Adelaide.
Thanks to Veneziano for the use of their facility for the Coffee HQ competition, and for the training over the coming weeks.

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